Hey ya’ll!  Yes…. I am from the South.  (Imagine a nice Southern “twang” while reading this.)

So glad you stopped by for a visit.  Are you ready to sit down with a hot cup of coffee and discuss homeschooling?  I know I am!

Before we sit, let me introduce myself.  I am known as “Mama” to our two beautiful children, Thing 1 and Thing 2, but you can call me Laura.  I am a former working mom converted to coffee drinking homeschooling mom, something I never dreamed of.  We are relatively new to the homeschooling world, but I wanted the opportunity to share our experiences with you.

I will be sharing the insights I have gained thus far, my curriculum experiences, handy tips, helpful resources and much more.  I have found other moms’ insights to be an invaluable resource, so this is my way of paying it forward.


Stick around, I want you to live, laugh and grow with us on this journey.